Sports Therapy

As a sportswoman competing mainly in triathlon spanning over 10 years, I thought it was about time to treat my body more gently especially as I was suffering from sciatic nerve trouble that was becoming unbearable. I began having full sports massage with Kim Hunter in June 2008 in order to keep in check tight quadriceps, tense neck and back through long bike miles & to sort this sciatic trouble once and for all! As I am not someone who spends out on hair or nails, this kind of treatment is worth every penny if you're serious about your body maintenance and or sport. Depending on any current twinges etc, Kim adjusts treatments as and when according to how hard I have trained or how I feel. Kim is thorough in her work with me and I feel she has a great sense of respect for a body that is put through its paces as with mine. The treatments I have with Kim have eased the sciatic pain hugely and moreover have sorted other potential problems arising.
Kim Hunter a professional remedial therapist with a passion for her work and outcomes.
Sarah Danning
Iron woman and personal Trainer


Kinesiology has changed my life for the better, it never ceases to amaze me the positive impact each treatment brings to my mind and body
Shelley Gardener

The Bowen Technique

Before I started Bowen I was taking painkillers daily to get me through my working day because of a constant back pain, only sleeping three (3) hours a night and drinking too much to help me sleep. After my first treatment I slept al night and have not taken a tablet since, but the one thing that I didn’t expect was how much better I feel in myself, my general well being has improved dramatically. I feel like me again and my family and friends say I’m back!
Charlotte Ryan-Coombes

Having played badminton for 15 years, the past 10 years I have suffered with neck pain to such a degree that I used to take pain killers once or twice a day most days. I had tried all sorts of treatments from physiotherapy to yoga, homeopathy and nothing made any difference to the pain, which at it’s worse used to give me thumping headaches. After the first treatment of Bowen I experienced freedom from pain for the first time in years. Now I have treatment once a month and may get a couple of days where it is “niggling” but settles down again to leave me pain free! I never thought I would ever be free from the pain and hope it is here to stay!!!
Vicky Body

I had a horse riding accident that left me on crutches with a prolapsed disc, hip displacement and a massive internal bruising. After month of excellent physiotherapy I received at the local hospital I was finally able to walk and slowly able to get into the gym and pool. However I struggled to regain my previous levels of fitness and was still in a lot of discomfort. After a few Bowen sessions my discomfort had all but gone and following a couple more sessions I was back I the pool, gym and in the saddle with no discomfort. I was totally amazed at the results and the impact on my final recovery and would recommend trying out Bowen to anyone.
Jemma Moore

An old rugby injury to my lower back had become a great deal more troublesome following a car crash, that had also left me with severe muscle tears across my back and shoulders, as well as a lot of discomfort in both arms. I was very pleased at the results from a course of Bowen having received a lot of traditional physiotherapy in previous years for my lower back. I was able to return to the gym and generally felt more invigorated. Also, later in the year I suffered more complications from the accident; it felt s if the left side of my body was sitting at a different angle to my right side, leading to hip and knee pain. I am currently undergoing another course of Bowen that is yielding results, reducing pain significantly and allowing for overall better balance. I would not hesitate in recommending Kim and the Bowen Technique to anyone.
Tony Howard

On-site Seated Acupressure

I was sceptical at first but the benefits are tremendous! After just a 20-minute session your whole body feels relaxed yet invigorated! I just wish I could afford more session!
Janet Hopkinson (assistant to head of BBC South West) BBC Plymouth

A massage in the workplace is such a great idea - I tend to get very tense around the neck and shoulders when I'm working, and a massage from Kim releases all of that pain and I can go back to my computer feeling loads better - and much less irritable, too! I would recommend anyone else with RSI type problems to give it a try. And it's so easy - no need to wear anything different as you don't have to lie down on the floor - she brings her own special chair.
Ros Twinn BBC Plymouth

Kim has treated me several times, both with acupressure massage and general massage and I have always found her treatments highly professional, very therapeutic and wonderfully relaxing. Kim is also good fun to talk to! I can certainly recommend her work.
Belinda Dixon Radio Devon BBC Plymouth